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How to Sleep with Pillow

Tampa Chiropractor on Proper sleep position with your pillows – Neck & Back Pain

Video Transcript: It’s one of the most common questions I am asked. How do I sleep with my pillow? My neck hurts, my back is painful, and my low back is hurts. Do I sleep with a pillow between my knees or under my legs? So today I am going to show just how the pillow should be placed under your neck and also where to place it for low back pain.

We are going to use a patient with the cervical pillows we offer in our clinic. First of all you can see that it has an indentation in it, which is perfect because it allows the head to lightly relax into the hole and at the same time supports the cervical spine which has a natural curve that needs to be supported. So a patient lies on the back. One of the most common problems that I discover is that the patient quite often places too many pillows under their heads which pushes up their head straining the neck muscles and causing muscle spasms. The ear and the shoulders basically need to be in alignment. That is what you want. This way the neck is supported it’s nicely laid back into the pillow. This is the proper position with the shoulders flat and not too many pillows.

Now for the patients with low back pain. I have them place a light pillow under the knees because if you bend the knees just a little it takes a lot of pressure off the lower back. So what you can do is just place a small pillow right under the knees just to get a slight bend which takes the pressure out of the low back.

For people that are side-sleepers, place the pillow right between the knees. So if you are lying on your side make sure your head is on the pillow properly. You are going to place the pillow right between the knees, doesn’t need to be a real big pillow just enough to keep the hips and legs in alignment so that the leg doesn’t drop down and strain the low back. These are some good tips for proper sleep habits.

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